Monopoly Official Trailer  - Press Coverage
Project directed by Matthew Stubstad for Half Day Today!


My interview with CNN about directing the Monopoly Movie Trailer. 



“Our goal was to get a trailer out before the studio [released] theirs,” director Matthew Stubstad said. “We wanted to make fun of how Hollywood is kind of grabbing anything they can to make a movie out of it.” ... The concept for the trailer, which was written by Gabi Conti, “started off simple,” Stubstad said. “But it ended up being a sort of ‘Tron,’ ‘Jumanji,’ ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Inception’ hybrid… hodgepodge.” ... So what’s the point?“The point is I’m being interviewed by CNN right now,” Stubstad said with a laugh. “The game has kind of changed for directors, I feel. We kind of need these blockbuster viral videos to get noticed.”

And if Scott needs a hand producing the real thing, Stubstad says the members of Half Day Today are available. References upon request. "

Adam McKay Tweet

Academy Award Winning Adam McKay enjoy and tweeting about the Monopoly Movie Trailer on twitter (@GhostPanther) 'HA!' -

Great to make him laugh!

Link to original tweet: Adam McKay Tweet

Badass Digest ( - Article / Review

BADASS Digest had a nice write up about the trailer.


"Matthew Stubstad sent me a link to his excellent fake trailer for a Monopoly movie. Stubstad seems to really get what makes a trailer feel real, and you can easily believe there is an entire movie of this waiting to be seen. I like that – too many fake movie trailers just feel like sketches slammed into trailer form."

Slash Film VOTD (Video of the Day!)


A group called Half Day Today has created a 2 minute trailer for Monopoly the Movie that’s described as by director Matthew Stubstad as “a sort of ‘Tron,’ ‘Jumanji,’ ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Inception’ hybrid… hodgepodge.” Check it out after the break.

Funny or Die Tweet

Funny or Die tweeting about the Monopoly Movie Trailer

to their 13 million followers. (@FunnyorDie)

Trailer also rated IMMORTAL on

Link to original tweet: TWEET

Matthew Stubstad Wins SYFY Reality Show
Project (Winky Face) directed by Matthew Stubstad for team Half Day Today! wins SYFY reality show Viral Video Showdown.

Watch the SYFY Reality TV show : Part  1  &  Part  2

Matthew Stubstad Wins Gold for Unlabeled
Project (Unlabeled by Isabelle) directed by Matthew Stubstad wins award at L.A. film festival.

Lady Gaga retweets video directed by Matthew Stubstad
Million Reasons 2016 parody video retweeted by Lady Gaga.

Link to: Lady Gaga Retweet

ELITE DAILY write up for Stubstad's Million Reason 2016 Parody
Project (2016 Million Reasons Parody) directed by Matthew Stubstad  receives write up by Elite Daily.

Matthew Stubstad's film DATING STRANGERS 

Official Selection for Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Project directed, produced and edited by Matthew Stubstad accepted into prestigious film festival.

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