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Film Director

A Film Director Wears Many Hats

A film director must wear many hats and be able to manage people, time, and schedules. A film director must also be someone you can trust to deliver the results you want and need. Actors are generally focused on their character, their roles. Writers spend hours creating engaging, smart and worthwhile scripts and businesses have budgets and deadlines to manage. A film director is the key to making it all work and to making it all work together.

Matthew Stubstad is that film director and that key. He will help the actors understand the big picture and enhance their performance. He will help the writer's vision come to life and he will deliver results that work in a timely fashion and on budget.

A film director is no small job and the job they have isn't small either. The key to your next film's success has a lot to do with getting talented actors. It is important to have strong writers but the key to making it all work is the director. Before you get ready to say "lights, camera, action" contact Matthew Stubstad, because there is no replacement for good direction.

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